faster    easier    less mess

All of these perfectly describe this patented must have gadget! The Quick Split® is a portable food cutter with a cover for baby and toddler feeding, allowing you to instantly cut your kids' food into safe, bite size pieces when you are out to eat, no matter where you are or what they're eating!

The Quick Split® easily cuts all of your kids' favorites including pizza, quesadillas, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, pb&j, spaghetti, pancakes, waffles and more!

compact    durable    portable

The Quick Split® is compact and lightweight but extremely durable and oh so easy to use:
The Quick Split® - the only portable pizza cutter and a diaper bag must have!
1  squeeze the sides of the cover to "unlock" the tabs and release the cutting wheel

 quickly slice your kids' food into safe, bite size pieces

3  snap the child proof cover back on without cleaning off the wheel

4  clip it to the key ring holder in your diaper bag or purse
where the mess will stay contained until you

5  throw the cover and the cutting wheel in the dishwasher when you get home!