The Quick Split® was created by me – I am the mother of three children and had been personally searching for a product like this ever since my first child was about one year old and began eating table food. I knew a gadget like this would be a diaper bag staple, getting the job done with more speed, less effort and less mess. When my retail and online searches for this type of tool repeatedly found nothing, I decided to invent in myself. Now I am thrilled to offer it to you as part of your arsenal of gadgets that will save you time as a parent!

Sure – there are all kinds of pizza cutters on the market. But what I could never find was a high quality, small sized pizza cutter with a cover that I could take in the diaper bag and use when we were out to eat. We all know how handy our pizza cutters are in the kitchen – we use them to cut our kids' food all the time, and not just when they are eating pizza. Now you can have that same convenience no matter where you are. When we have young kids, we often eat in kid-friendly restaurants that either don't offer a knife and fork or they offer utensils that are flimsy, plastic and not at all practical for cutting food. The Quick Split® is so much faster and easier to use that you'll find yourself reaching for it even when you have the option of using real silverware!

If you are an on the go parent, I am sure you will love The Quick Split® as much as I do!

Tina Gehlhausen

Owner, The Quick Split LLC

Tina Gehlhausen - Owner at The Quick Split LLC