Now what? September 18 2013

So I had the original idea for this handy little gadget back in 2001 when my first child was about a year old. I wanted to buy it, not invent it. But four years and two more kids later and it still didn't exist. Now I was cutting three plates of food when we were out to eat – the kids were 1, 3 and 5. This was 2005, and I was just busy. I still wanted to buy it – not invent it. Who has time for that???

Fast forward two years – it's now 2007, and I just can't quit thinking about this "product". I am a freelance graphic designer, and I had a little break in between projects. I decided on a whim to start sketching what this thing would actually look like, and I eventually mocked up an illustration on my computer. It still cracks me up to look back on these initial ideas – I really had no clue! You can see from the pic above that I originally envisioned it as all stainless steel with a plastic cover. Little did I know just how expensive that would be to manufacture! But none of that was really on my mind at all – at this point I wasn't thinking long-term. I just had a vision in my head that I had to put on paper.

And so I did. Now what?