It all started with an idea... September 12 2013

Ever since I launched The Quick Split®, I get asked all the time about product development, patents, manufacturing, pricing, packaging, retailers, etc. I am seeing firsthand that people are genuinely interested in this process - often times because they either have an idea for a product and have no idea how to pursue it, or they've just never talked with anyone who has done anything like this. I do not have a degree in entrepreneurship or business, but I think sharing the info I've learned over the past few years might enlighten or help someone. 

I'm going to give you the info in little bits and pieces. And I'll probably throw in some info about other mom-owned companies that I've been introduced to and love. Plus I participate in product give-aways occasionally and will include info about those as well.

So here we go! It all started with an idea...

I had this one in early 2001. My first child was about a year old and was eating table food. Every time we went out to eat, I always wished for a portable pizza cutter that I could pull out of my diaper bag to quickly and easily cut her food into tiny pieces. I was using my pizza cutter at home to do the job – I found it to be so much faster, easier and less messy than using a fork/knife combo. I quickly deemed this a diaper bag staple and began my search for it. Well I looked everywhere for one – online and in stores – and found it did not exist. I was annoyed with this, but it never really entered my mind that I should/could create it. How in the world would I do that???

Have you ever had an idea for a product? Did you pursue it?