Can you hear me now? March 28 2014

Maybe I'm just not that social... I have to admit that I was not an early adopter of facebook or any of the other social media platforms for that matter. I really thought it was all for a younger crowd (I'm 41), and I had no interest in posting about my life and didn't think I had time to read what others were posting about theirs. Well that all changed when I started this business. I quickly learned that there are many ways to sell product, but one absolute necessity is to have a presence on social media. 

My primary target market is parents with young kids. Many of my customers buy The Quick Split as a gift also, but the person most often using my product has kids ranging in age between one and six. These women and men are generally in their twenties and thirties, and they are almost always on social media. So if I want them to be able to find me, interact with me, and share my info with their friends (yes, please!), I have to be on social media too.

I absolutely love to interact with my customers, but it's a struggle to figure out exactly what they want to see. As a business owner, there is a fine line between posting often enough to capture attention but not posting too often that people get annoyed and hide you from their newsfeed. You run contests and offer discounts and free giveaways so people will like your page and follow you, but do those giveaways ever increase sales? Do customers want to see jokes and shared posts or a behind the scenes look into your business? 

And then there is the issue of social media ads... I don't know about you, but I don't really care to see ads in my facebook and instagram feeds. But as a business owner, it sure seems like a great way to reach my target market and let more people know about my product.

Many years ago when I had the idea for The Quick Split, I had no clue that being a social media guru would help sell it. I realized last year that it was time to step up my game – I was already on facebook, twitter, linked in and pinterest; over the last several months I started this blog and joined instagram, google+ and tumblr. Trying to stay connected on all of these platforms makes me feel like I'm screaming about my business all over the place, but realistically I know that it's barely a whisper. I'm such a beginner in the world of social media, and I have a long way to grow. This part of running a business does not come super easy to me, but in today's world it's do or die. Or maybe I should just hand this piece over to my kids – one of them is already a teenager and would probably be much better at it than me! 

The expert in anything was once a beginner.