Girl talk March 19 2014

I've only met one of these women in person, but let me tell you why I absolutely love this group of incredibly brave, brilliant, successful women (and another 80 of them who aren't pictured) – they are all in the business of helping other women, no strings attached. Seriously – no strings. This may not seem like a big deal, but I'm here to tell you that it is.  

I was lucky enough to meet the founder of Mompact – Shelley Straitiff – at the ABC Kids Expo back in 2011. She liked The Quick Split and generously invited me to join this fine group of entrepreneurs that she calls Mompact. She has a huge heart, a business mind, and a vision of helping mompreneurs succeed in selling their products in mass retail.

I made so many contacts at the ABC Expo, and I really wasn't sure which contacts would "pan out" after I got home. I soon learned that meeting Shelley and joining this amazing and unique group made the whole trip worthwhile.

There are 94 current members that make up this private facebook group called Mompact. All 94 women have developed a product of some kind in an effort to solve a problem, offer a unique solution, or bring something totally new to the marketplace. These women cover the gamut with their products; we represent everything from feeding and travel products to clothing and accessories. Many of the women are at different stages with those products – some are in the idea and prototype stage, some are in big box retail, some are selling online, and some are exploring the option of licensing their product to a larger company. The one thing we all have in common is that we share advice openly and free of charge

There are all kinds of women (and men) who have built a career around selling their business advice and coaching services to other entrepreneurs, offering to help them get rich quick or make a million with their idea. Now I'm not saying that these services aren't valid or beneficial – I've never used them, so I can't speak from experience either way. But the 94 of us that come together as Mompact offer this same advice to each other for free. Off and on throughout the day, the women of Mompact post questions in the group – asking for advice about website hosting, credit card processing, inventory forecasting, manufacturing, accounting, PR, social media, selling on amazon, working with bloggers – just to name a few. We share stories of balancing work and family (successes and failures) and all things related to being a mom in business. Most of the questions posted are answered within minutes by multiple women, sometimes offering a variety of advice and other times echoing the opinions of others. No one in the group is trying to sell a service to anyone else; everyone is focused on building each other up and celebrating the successes (big and small) of the other women and their businesses. In a world of extreme competition, this is brilliantly refreshing. 

Success is different for every person and every business. The Mompact women have different ideas about what success means to each of them and their businesses, but they are all united in the goal of helping other women achieve their own success. 

What would our world look like if we all applied this to our everyday lives, personally and professionally? Can we criticize less, encourage more, and always try to build each other up? Isn't there enough room for us to all be successful? 

"You don't need a reason to help other people."