A little bit of this, a little bit of that January 21 2014

For the first six months that I was selling product (May - October of 2012), it felt a little like throwing jello at the wall to see where it would stick. I wanted to explore as many avenues for selling as possible. The first – and what seemed like the most obvious – was my own website. I immediately sent out press releases to my local newspapers and many national magazines. I sent a few samples out to bloggers who reviewed my product and helped spread the word through their websites and facebook pages. A few local boutiques were interested in carrying my product, and I sold to them at wholesale cost (50% of retail cost) so they could sell in their stores. I spoke with subscription box companies about including my product in their monthly boxes to their customers. I sent out about ten product sample kits to large retailers (including catalog companies, tv shopping channels, and a couple of big box retailers) hoping that they would want to add The Quick Split to their product offering. 

And this is how all of that went those first six months:

Two local newspapers ran articles about my new product and company (check it out here if interested).

The bloggers that reviewed my product did a great job (and might I add received my product free of charge), but I didn't notice any real spike in sales from their reviews – their followers seemed to be more interested in free giveaways.

Although several local boutiques purchased small cases of my product to sell, only one of those panned out to be really consistent with reorders.

The subscription box services thought my product was great, but most wanted to pay me a mere 30% of retail value or wanted the product free and said I should consider it a marketing expense. Seriously???

And I literally spent months chasing down answers from the product sample kits that I sent out. After about 6 months, I was left with a we might be interested from only one of them (that happened to be Babies R Us – more on that later).

I was moving product, but I wanted to take it to the next level. I just wasn't getting the kind of traffic and exposure that I needed – it was time to pull out the big guns. The Quick Split was headed to amazon.