God is using facebook January 08 2014

Instead of my normal "this is how The Quick Split came into existence" post, I want to share something that I think is pretty incredible. I know that there are all kinds of complaints out there about facebook, and I totally agree that it isn't all good. But let me tell you that I have proof now that God is using facebook. I'm not saying He has a profile page, but hear me out...

I am involved with a volunteer program in my community called CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocate. We work with abused and neglected children right here in our own county. A lot of these kids do not come from a place of abundance – abundant toys, abundant clothes – they are in an environment classified as a "minimum sufficient level of care". 

I have a friend who totally operates out of over abundant love, and she really listens to God when He speaks to her. She recently started a ministry at her church to collect winter items for those in need. She posted on facebook about this calling and ministry a few short weeks ago. Just yesterday I noticed another post from her that she now (already) has coats, hats, gloves, scarves and sweatshirts – all sizes and free to anyone in need. 

This friend of mine is not someone who I bump into every day or even every week. If it wasn't for facebook, I would have not immediately known that she started the ministry, received donations, and was ready to spread the love (and warm clothes). Her ministry is now providing winter items to multiple kids in my county that CASA is working with, all because she thought to post it on facebook and I was lucky enough to see it.

Now I love a good, funny post just as much as the next gal, and I love to see pictures of my friends and family. I also use facebook regularly for my business. But what in the world would happen if more people used facebook to help others? Is it possible that we could all be doing more with it than we are right now? Couldn't it be a game changer? Just a little food for thought.